Cool Breeze Perfume (50ml)

Cool Breeze is the perfect fragrance for those who love the fresh, invigorating scent of the great outdoors and the cool morning breeze. Whether you are seeking a burst of energy to start your day or a soothing finish to a long day, Cool Breeze is the perfect choice.

There’s nothing as cool as the soothing feeling Cool Breeze leaves on your skin. With Cool Breeze, there’s the freedom to be you. A gentle scent made of unique natural ingredients that leaves you feeling great. Cool breeze perfume is a fragrance of class, and it also comes with cool breeze talc powder to help pamper your lovely face, so you look just as good as you smell.

Other details

Features: As gentle as the breeze, distinct, affordable, powder add-on, suitable for gifting, Eau de parfum, 50ml.

Caution: Flammable - Keep away from flames.