Royalty – Doobai Body Spray (120ml)

Introducing Royalty Body Spray – the ultimate fragrance for the modern monarch. With its rich, regal scent, this body spray is perfect for those who want to exude an air of elegance and sophistication. Whether you are heading to a fancy gala or just want to feel like a king or queen in your everyday life, Royalty Body spray is a perfect choice. So why wait? Treat yourself to a touch of royalty today.

Not only will our spray keep you feeling fresh and clean all day, but it will also leave you smelling amazing. With a subtle, refreshing scent that’s not overpowering, you can feel confident and comfortable no matter what your day brings.


Other details

Features: Unisex, original body spray, cologne, unique fragrance, affordable, long-lasting scent, mild, romantic aroma, handy and attractive package, 120ml.

Direction: Spray all over your body.
Caution: Flammable - Keep away from flames or high heat.

Ingredient: Alchohol denat, deionized water (Aqua), fragrance (Perfum), propylene glycol, farnesol.