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5 tips for choosing the right scent for you

Oct 26, 2022

The right scent not only enhances your style but also communicates your personality to the outside world. Finding the right scent that represents who you are is special and personal but before jumping into this task, let us explore some tips that should guide you.

Don’t Try Too Many Fragrances at The Same Time

Test the fragrance on your skin, allow it to settle on your skin and carry it throughout the day to see if you like it, how it makes you feel and if it suits your personality. A scent might smell good but it would not appeal to you and may not work for your skin. You can try testing a maximum of three fragrances on different parts of your skin. The key is to take your time before choosing as this will enable you to tell how a fragrance smells after it develops on your skin.

Don’t Rush the Process

The first fragrance you get after the first or sniff is referred to as the top notes and this quickly fades away into the middle notes which stays for a while longer and develops into the base notes which are longer lasting. Do not decide that a scent is for you after the first spritz as you have hours of developing scent to experience it. Alternatively, if you are unable to find the scents you like in one bottle, you can mix your own perfumes that belong to different fragrance notes and families to create a signature scent.

Fragrance Notes and Families

Paying attention to the notes you like will help you narrow your search and make it easier to find the right perfume. Ask yourself what scent you favor the most. Do you already have a collection of perfumes? Do you favor florals or are your scents bursting with warm, amber notes? Or maybe you adore the crisp, freshness of citrus? Having this knowledge will help with your search or you can alternatively go with the opposite of what you currently favor.

Resist the Trends

You should not pick a scent based on other people’s preference or opinions. A fragrance might be trendy and all over the place but it is not the right scent for you. Take your time to learn about yourself, your style and what appeals to you before making a purchase decision on a fragrance.

Why Are You Buying?

This is an important question to ask as fragrances are connected to our emotions and memories. How do you want to feel during this time, how would you like to remember this event? The reason behind the purchase will influence the fragrance you go for. Are you just adding to your collection? Is it for self/personal care? A bedtime fragrance? A wedding? Birthday? Or date night? So, ask yourself, why am I buying this perfume?

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