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Is fragrance good for the skin? 

Oct 26, 2022

Smelling good makes you feel good and then, all the many compliments you get on your fragrance keeps the smile on your face all day. But then you are uncomfortable with all the talks about perfume being bad for your skin and you’re considering stopping the use of scents all together. Well…., maybe you should hold your horses while we break it down for you.

So, here’s the deal

There are many rumors behind the use of perfumes as to whether it is safe to wear or not, that it is sometimes hard to separate the myth from reality. To clear this up, we can 100% say that it is safe to wear perfumes on the skin. However, there are mistakes that we make in the application which can overtime, cause damage to the skin.

Believe it or not, applying perfumes on the skin comes with its own guide. There are some dos and don’ts that should be followed in order to safely apply perfume on the skin. Keep reading if you want keep rocking that favorite fragrance and keep the compliments coming.

Do Not Rub

Spray it, rub it in. Absolutely Not! This unconscious habit is not only damaging your skin but your fragrance. The friction caused by rubbing in the perfume damages the molecules of the fragrance and destroys the scent profile of your perfume and poof your perfume is gone before you know it.

Perfume is meant to sit gently on the skin. The alcohol will evaporate on its own as it is a volatile chemical so, leave it alone. Rubbing alcohol harshly on the skin will only cause bruising and tenderness. Imagine how much damage you will cause to your skin since you will likely always apply your perfume on the same spot.

Pulse Points

Your wrist, both sides of your neck, behind the top of ears, inside the elbows, behind your knees are some of the major pulse points on your body. The pulse points have natural heat since it is the area on the skin with the most blood flow and this is what makes it the perfect spot for applying perfume. However, you should not spray perfume in your underarm right after a warm shower as it will most likely lead to the bruising of the sensitive skin in your underarm.

The simple explanation is alcohol needs room to evaporate. Perfumes are made with fragrance oils and alcohol, and alcohol can be dangerous if used on sensitive areas of your skin. Remember that alcohol can be extremely drying for the skin.

So, while picking a pulse point, ensure that there is room for the alcohol to evaporate.

Keep The Moisture In

It is important to keep your skin moisturized as alcohol is drying and can lead to redness, rashes or even allergic reactions. You are more likely to experience these symptoms immediately if you have sensitive skin but these symptoms may take a while longer if you have normal skin.

Keep your skin moisturized, especially in areas where you apply perfume. Alternatively, you can spritz away on your hair. No! Not the scalp, hair. Or spray your perfume on your hair brush before brushing your hair.

Store It Well

Yes! They are like treasures and should be stored properly. Yes, your perfume can lose its value and go bad when stored inappropriately. Perfumes do not do well in hot and humid places so avoid storing them on your shower counter or places with direct sunlight. Find the perfect spot that is cool and away from sunlight to store them.

Also try to finish your perfume within three years of purchase or buy according to how much perfume you use because spoilt perfume can contain harmful chemicals that can do damage to your skin.


Yes! You can use perfume and keep your skin safe. All that is required is to follow this guide to safely apply perfume on your skin.

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